Bits and Pieces: Bull Market For Proforma

Linda Martinelli's prized bull, Proforma.

Brand Imaging Group provided the custom wrap for the drum kit used by the Red Hot Chili Peppers at this year's Super Bowl halftime show.

Hardwire has now developed bulletproof whiteboards, backpack inserts, clipboards and point-of-purchase shields for customers ranging from schools, office buildings and business travelers to health clubs, retail and convenience stores. The company turned to EFI for its VUTEk QS2 Pro UV inkjet printer to apply durable, UV inkjet printed graphics during the actual armor manufacturing process. Previously, Hardwire had an issue with the colors in the graphics running due to the amount of pressure that is applied to the polyethylene fiber used in the armor.

According to Hardwire CEO George Tunis, the graphics now last longer during use and its decorated products have a cleaner, high-quality look that enables them to blend in to the environment without looking like military-type objects.

POUND FOR POUND: Yes, even the United Kingdom is not immune from the scourge of counterfeiting. In this case, as with many, the forgers used sophisticated printing devices to pass off genuine-looking quid.

Early in January, the brother tandem of Amrit and Prem Karra were each sentenced to seven years in prison for counterfeiting money between September 2011 and February 2012, the BBC News reported. Two employees, Rajiv Kumar and Yash Mahey, were given four years apiece for their roles in the crime.

The Karra brothers used their printing business in Hockley, Birmingham—Karra Design and Print—to produce more than £1.3 million worth of counterfeit £10 bills. According to the BBC, £1.27 million in fake notes have been recovered by the authorities.

During the trial, the defense revealed that Karra Design and Print was in financial trouble and turned to counterfeiting as a solution. The men printed the phony bills during the night to avoid detection.

The fake bills, some of which had their own bogus serial numbers, are still being found in circulation.

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