Ink-jet Printing: All Applications Accepted

Quik Print (OK) provides mainstream ink-jetted products, including postcards and flats, to a diverse customer base.

WANT TO discover the true measure of a technology’s value to a printer and its customer base? Take that technology for a road test.

That’s exactly what Galal Ramadan did. The president of GR Marketing & Graphic Design of Tampa, FL, knew he was sitting on a niche powder keg when he acquired a UV ink-jet printing solution from Kirk-Rudy, the WaveJet UV system.

GR’s sweet spot is the medical space. The WaveJet can print 22 lines of type, up to 2˝, with two print heads, and features UV ink and drying for identification card personalization. The shop produces membership packets and ID cards for HMOs, medicare and medicaid programs. The ID cards, of course, feature highly variable data relevant to the holder’s insurance coverage.

A recent GR sales call proved the technology to be applicable well beyond the health insurance sector.

“We just came back from a life insurance company that’s considering solicitation mailings,” notes Ramadan. “And, the other day, we got an inquiry from a casino using membership cards that are inserted into slot machines. Medical has been our niche for a long time. We do membership and fulfillment, including ID cards and member kits.

“But now, we’re starting to take that technology out to other companies in Florida. Life insurance and casino clients are both users of laminated cards, which need to be durable and include variable data on them.”

Hold the Cheese

Previously, GR produced member cards on a lightweight synthetic stock with a laser printer. Ramadan points out that an ID card can look “relatively cheesy” when it’s produced on a thin and uncoated substrate. The printer can now churn out cards in 30- to 40-mil thickness with any type of surface, including UV coating, lamination and PVC.

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