2012 Hot Markets : Printing in a Mobile World

Printing Impressions’ Hot Printing Markets for 2012.

Related are No. 6-ranked BEVERAGES ($471B, +5 percent; with $10.4B to print, -4 percent) and No. 17-ranked FOOD SERVICE ($800B, +7 percent; with $5.6B to print, +6 percent). Metal decoration, screen printing, outdoor advertising and POS/POP will pour with waters and infused, new-age drinks such as PrimoWater (+>300 percent). A new segment will be home-
produced drinks introduced by Sodastream (+234 percent).

Event-driven and product-line extensions and mergers will shake and stir packaging and print POP and ROP in the wines and spirits segment. Campari (+23 percent) has made 16 acquisitions and plans to double U.S. advertising. Jack Daniels (+12 percent) and others will take leaps into P2M employing localized relationship marketing.

Beers/malt beverages will foam up as Budweiser (+4 percent) upgrades and expands its breweries in the 2012-2014 time frame. It will regain share by acquiring micro-brewer brands from Hawaii to Puerto Rico. Molson Coors (+2 percent) will raise in-store ad spending as it tries to gain space against Bud.

Also brewing will be coffees and teas where new enhanced brands, such as Organo Gold (+>300 percent), will become billion-dollar sellers with multimillions in print buys. Starbucks (+19 percent) will build new stores offering “evolutionary” pure juices. Signage, labels, coupons and FSIs will bubble forth. Mainstay carbonated soft drinks producers Coca-Cola (+13), Pepsico (+12 percent) and National Beverage (+4 percent) will be flat in their print buys.

Eating out is rounding up to two nights a week. Casual dining establishments will serve more nutritious entrées and promote dining “experiences” to outperform the fast food/take-out segment, as in Chipotle (+20 percent) vs. McDonald’s (+7 percent). Burger King (-6 percent) will reinvent its print-intensive Kid’s Crown program, freshen up its food offerings and speed up the remodeling of 12,300 stores.

Going upscale will be full-service restaurants, which are mostly regional and independent except for the largest—Darden (+8 percent). The print-to-mobile model for reservations, menus and directions will be appetizing for the printing industry as companies expand into setting up and managing VIP-themed events, loyalty programs and push messaging to opt-in diners.

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