Heidelberg Launches ‘Green Printing’ Web Portal

KENNESAW, GA—April 9, 2009—Print media market leader Heidelberg USA has launched a new web portal (http://www.us.heidelberg.com/www/html/en/content/overview1/solutions/green/green_printing_overview) dedicated to exploring sustainable solutions for the printing industry. Given its longstanding commitment to environmentally and socially responsible manufacturing, Heidelberg is uniquely positioned to provide this comprehensive resource for printers and print buyers who want to learn more about sustainable printing and the positive impact it can have on their businesses — minus the greenwashing and marketing hype.

“Our goal in launching these pages is to establish a fact-based, green resource for the printing industry to help printers and buyers sort through the competing claims and discover the best path to sustainability for their businesses,” said Joerg Daehnhardt, director of product management for Heidelberg USA.

“Sustainability is an ongoing issue for every printer that must be addressed on several fronts, from startup waste to energy usage to VOC emissions and more. For years, Heidelberg has taken a leadership role in helping to identify and resolve these issues for its customers, many of whom are actively pursuing environmental solutions that can help them compete more effectively. With the launch of our “Green Printing” pages, we are extending that leadership by providing key facts and resources that show as well a positive and fast return on green technology.”

HEI on Green
Heidelberg’s content-rich “Green Printing” pages address sustainable printing from three distinct perspectives.

“Green Manufacturing” details Heidelberg’s environmental policy and green manufacturing processes, and provides a list of environmental milestones achieved by Heidelberg over the past 20 years. Here users can view and download Heidelberg’s Sustainability Reports from 2003/4 on, all of which detail Heidelberg’s long-term commitment to environmentally responsible manufacturing.

While browsing the “Green Printshop,” visitors will learn which Heidelberg products can shrink their environmental footprint by reducing paper waste, energy consumption, VOC emissions and ink residues.

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