RDP Marathon, which specializes in manufacturing web offset presses for promotional, packaging and business form applications, recognizes the need for high print quality in its three

variable-repeat models. The RDP-260P has a 17˝ to 28˝ repeat, with a 26.5˝ maximum web width and speeds to 1,500 fpm. The 330P has a 17˝ to 28˝ repeat, a 33.5˝maximum web width and 1,500 fpm maximum speed. RDP’s 380P, with a 21.5˝ to 39˝ repeat and a 38.5˝ maximum web width, runs at up to 1,800 fpm.

High Print Quality Needed

“Customers are looking for an integrated package of in-line press technologies, which are bundled with a press control and make-ready system,” reveals Eric Short, president and CEO of RDP Marathon. “The demand is for high print quality and print stability as basic elements for their competitiveness.”

Didde Web Press’ answer to the needs of its heatset web customers is the Excalibur web offset press, a blanket-to-blanket perfecting press designed to produce signature, plow-folded and cut-sheet work. The Excalibur is offered in half-web and three-quarter-web sizes.

“Our customers are looking for ways to produce shorter run lengths for high-quality insert work, publication and specialty applications,” explains Frank Roberts, vice president of sales for Didde Web Press.

“Features for makeready, fast changeover and minimizing waste are critical to our marketplace. In-line finishing to include UV varnishing, plow lines, ribbon shifting, gap cutting sheeters and diecutting are all common in our customers’ requirements.”

To meet a wide demand, MAN Roland claims to offer the industry’s most complete range of heatset web presses, including the Rotoman S, Rotoman, Polyman, Lithoman, Uniset D, Cromoman and the DICOweb—all with AC shaftless drive technology.

MAN Roland’s Rotoman S web press can print at speeds of up to 85,000 iph thanks to an array of innovations led by its sleeve-offset technology. The advancement virtually eliminates gap bump and the vibrations that it causes, according to Jerry Clark, vice president of commercial web sales and marketing. When combined with an AC shaftless drive, the smoother-running results improve print quality, as do Rotoman’s 1:1 cylinder configuration. The press also utilizes no-gap blankets and conventional plates in a narrow-gap plate lockup that is tool-less.

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