EPI Companies — On the Move

Members of EPI’s management team deserve a breather after their recent move. Seated, from the left, are Mickey Gulley, Randy Mathis, Cindy Woods and Bill Woods. Standing behind the couch are Bill Blair, David Gadecki and Andy McClure.

The digital/prepress department has been upgraded with new software and hardware.

The company’s sample room is filled with unique products.

EPI Companies’ sheetfed offset pressroom features six Heidelberg presses, including this six-color, 40˝ Speedmaster CD 102.

“You wake up one day and realize you have full-time drivers who do nothing but courier things from one building to another. You have CSRs and salespeople in transit all day long, driving back and forth,” Woods notes. “I started doing the math and concluded, first of all, that we couldn’t continue to grow this way. Secondly, we couldn’t be very efficient. So we put a massive restructuring plan into place that moved us into two buildings we didn’t even occupy a year ago.”

EPI markets itself as a diversified marketing support services provider; the “printing” name was dropped in 2003, as Woods sought to reel in clients that wanted to reduce their number of vendors. The diversified service model is still print centric, according to Woods, but EPI’s inclusion of value-added capabilities—including mailing, fulfillment, warehousing, Web-based ordering, creative services and promotional products—allows the company to address more needs of the client. These complementary services, incidentally, have also driven more print-based action.

“You can’t count any one service as being more important than the other, because with every client, there’s a hot button,” he says. “If we take away any one of the services, we lose the ability to give a customer a single point of execution.”

In terms of printing, EPI boasts six 40˝ Heidelberg sheetfed presses, a pair of digital presses (an HP Indigo 5000 and a Kodak Digimaster) and wide-format printers. The Chatsworth facility provides laminated and mounted retail display products, fulfillment, warehousing, mailing and various promotional items.

Printer and Marketer

By definition, EPI performs general commercial work, but it is wound tightly inside the yarn of their complementary services. As a quasi-marketing agency, the company focuses on projects that are a hybrid—perhaps a variable data direct mail campaign, print promotional items that are kit packed, or fulfilling product samples out of their warehouse. Its customers range from pharmaceutical, technology and telecom to home improvement and agency clients.

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