GRAPH EXPO 2012 Hailed a Success by Exhibitors, Attendees

“How is GRAPH EXPO this year? Let’s put it this way: We had the worldwide debut of our new Impressia digital print system here at 12:00 on Sunday and it was 12:22 when we placed our first order. We have been averaging one sale every 30 minutes, so it has been very, very exciting. Attendees are buying!” Arthur Verwey, vice president international sales and marketing, Xante

“GRAPH EXPO was our best presentation in the Americas for the second year in a row. With two digital presses constantly in production throughout the show hours, we had a busy booth with over 50,000 samples given to people, which was over 2,000 samples every hour of the show!!! We signed new orders and received many new leads for follow-up after the show. The feedback was great and once again we learned that printers, graphic designers and print buyers all come to GRAPH EXPO to learn about new innovations in the printing industry such as Scodix. We thank GRAPH EXPO for the service and the support and for making it a successful event,” Ziki Kuly, vp marketing, Scodix

“Baumfolder had an excellent GRAPH EXPO this year, with substantially more leads generated than last year. By Monday [day 2 of 4], we had exceeded last year’s count. The overall attendance seemed vastly improved over last year. We were especially encouraged by the traffic and quality of visitors on Sunday. This was the best ‘Sunday attendance’ we have seen for years,” Ulrik Nygaard, president/CEO, Baumfolder

“We had a strong GRAPH EXPO in terms of orders written and confirmed interest in our new technologies, plus we surpassed our qualified lead total from 2011. All in all… a great show!” Giselle de la Moriniere, marketing & communications manager, MGI

“GRAPH EXPO 2012 was an awesome show for GLUNZ & JENSEN. We engaged with very high quality industry professionals in our booth. We have 22 real orders for our new inkjet CTP, seven of those from Latin America as a direct result of exhibiting!” Michael C. Bugge, vice president sales Americas, Glunz & Jensen.

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