GRACoL Launches G7 Press Pre-Qualification Project

ALEXANDRIA, VA–March, 20, 2008–IDEAlliance today announced that its GRACoL Committee is launching a new activity to assist printers in qualifying their presses for G7 Calibration. The new G7 press pre-qualification toolkit will provide guidelines and tools to help printers access the readiness of their press to undergo G7 calibration.


After nearly two years of on-press G7-calibration experience on over 200 presses worldwide, the GRACoL Committee has learned some critical lessons. The first lesson was that G7 alone is not enough. Good printing techniques must be practiced on a daily basis if the true benefit of G7 is to be realized. The second lesson is that a stable, well-maintained press is critical to the success of the G7 calibration process. According to Gerry Gerlach, Integrity Graphics and Chair of the GRACoL Committee, “While most printers keep their presses well maintained, the truth is that some printers do not. When a G7 calibration is attempted on a press that is not stable and well maintained, the exercise quickly runs into significant difficulties. A requirement to assess press performance prior to a G7 calibration comes from industry professionals who assist printers to achieve G7 calibrations on a daily basis. It is a significant concern and a disappointment for a printer to attempt G7 calibration without success. We hope that our new G7 press pre-qualification project will address this issue.”

The GRACoL Press Operator’s Guide Project

During the summer of 2007, the GRACoL Committee worked to address the first consideration by developing the Press Operator’s Guide to Color and G7. GRACol members joined other industry associations to complete this project to provide guidance to the pressman so that G7 techniques can be used along with process controls defined in ISO 12647-2 on a daily basis. The goal of the Press Operator’s Guide initiative was to identify current pressroom best practices and specify a new set of best practices to implement G7 techniques press side. According to Dianne Kennedy, the IDEAlliance GRACoL Program Director, “The experience of our printer and press manufacturer members shows that G7 techniques are not incompatible or in competition with the best practices defined by ISO 12647-2 and widely implemented around the world. By documenting these best practices along with additional G7 best practices for the press room, IDEAlliance hopes to provide a much needed bridge between G7 and ISO 12647-2 process controls so that pressmen can reap the benefits of both sets of process controls being used in tandem.” The Press Operator’s Guide to Color and G7 can be downloaded from .

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