From Press to Bindery, a Unique Approach from IMC America

Recmi HP1200 automatic horizontal stacker/bundler.

CAMotion LDP log depalletizer.

Feuiltault Solution’s ‘Thomas II’ Hopper Loader

Feuiltault Solutions' new XYZ high speed gathering system.

YORK, PA—IMC America has built a reputation of supplying quality automation products for the pressroom over its twenty five year history. Recently, Ward Walsh, President, and Ric Mayle, Vice President Sales & Marketing, have expanded their line of equipment into the binding and finishing area.

In order to enhance and compliment IMC’s line of semi-automatic and fully automatic stacker bundlers, IMC has recently signed an agreement with Dominique Feuiltault, President of Feuiltault Solutions, Beloeil, Quebec to handle their line of hopper loaders and new gathering machine.

“Our new range of products is extensive and allows customers to come to a single source supplier for pressroom and bindery related automatic, labor saving machines” says Mayle. “A number of these new products incorporate revolutionary changes to the way printers have worked in the past”. Diagnostics of machine functions through an Ethernet connection, in-line feeding of signatures to a raceway with zero reciprocating motion for ultra high speeds, and “vision recognition” cameras to analyze the operation of automatic log depalletization to hopper loaders are just some of the exciting trends in equipment at IMC America.

Fully Automatic Log Making
The Recmi HP1200 automatic horizontal stacker/bundler is designed with operator convenience in mind. No other automatic log maker has complete accessibility to the bundle building table. The access to the strapping area is independent from the stacking area which allows intervention to this part without interrupting the stream. Recmi designs systems with overhead conveyor and numerous options for automatic palletization. Full electronic stacking regulation, auto jam ejection without stream interruption, auto end board feeding, and a telemaintenance Windows PC system for remote diagnostics of the equipment are some important features.

Vision Guided Log Depalletizer
IMC has many successful installations of their CAMotion LDP log depalletizer. This system is mounted on conventional overhead rails already in existence for binding lines with manual bundle clamps. The CAMotion LDP fully automatic “vision guided” log depalletizer is programmed to feed the correct logs from their pallet positions to the proper hopper loaders on a binding line. The operator’s single responsibility is to remove the strap and end boards from the log being fed on the loader.