Floor-model Folders — Accessories Add Sparkle


Accessories are to folding machines what cherries are to cheesecake—sweet.

Then there’s chocolate cheesecake, strawberry cheesecake, blueberry cheesecake. On the folder side, there’s the need for product/card tipping, product sampling with peelable gluing, plow folding and the like, not to mention old standbys like scoring, slitting and perforating.

Make no mistake about it, printers and trade finishers still seek units that are easy to operate, with short setup times, quick makereadies and capable of outstanding production levels. But auxiliary equipment can greatly augment the humble folder.

The aforementioned features are among the most requested by customers, according to Wayne Pagel, president and owner of KEPES. He believes a vacuum table that allows product sampling and plow folds with gluing to close the product are also sought after.

Pagel notes that demands made of the folding and binding industry have influenced the manufacturing of folders, since they need to produce more complexly folded products and are expected to do an assortment of finishing operations.

“These new folders need to be modular,” Pagel states. “Today, the feeders can be separate from the folders and each unit in a finishing line needs versatility. This is often required because one machine can no longer be dedicated to one type of product.

Get into the Fold
“As more conventional folding operations are being performed in-line with web press operations, special products such as complex self-mailers and bind-ins that include response envelopes are required,” he adds. “These response-oriented self-mailers and bind-ins require timed-cutting, special gluing, product sampling and 100 percent matched personalization from the database driven ink-jet imaging industry.”

KEPES offers the M7 Special, which includes a choice of four fold roller diameter options for various weight products, as well as options for up to 16 fold plates and machine widths at 63˝ maximum for specialty products.

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