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EFI Exec’s Daughter Eyes Oscar –Cagle

March 2011

For those of you who missed the British Academy Film Awards last month—a good many of us likely did, since we obviously have our own Oscar night here in the United States—one nominee has a connection to the printing industry.

Udi Arieli, a director with EFI, was bursting with pride at the news that his daughter, Karni, and her husband, Saul, were nominated for an Oscar in the Short Film category. Karni and Saul directed and wrote "Turning." The short was produced as part of BBC Film Network's BBC Drama Shorts 2009 commission.

Short films are often unorthodox and open to interpretation, and this one is no exception. "Turning" is a story about a six-year-old British youth, Robert, who is visited on his birthday by three old women. Robert sees them as old birds—literally—which makes for some bizarre perspectives and, occasionally, disturbing images.

The partiers enjoy cake and coffee before regaling Robert about the tale of the emperor, who not only had no clothes, he lacked skin and flesh. The emperor "resembled ivory carvings and cream-colored satin cushions, laced together with red and blue thread."

He was an odd sight, resembling a colorful character constructed from a hodgepodge of Play-Doh colors.

That's enough of a sneak peek. The emperor's appearance is disturbing enough to give you nightmares, so we'll stop there and suggest you check it out for yourself at Since this issue went to press before the awards, you'll need to check the winners' list at to see how Karni and Saul fared.

Congratulations to the film makers and proud papa Udi Arieli. We look forward to screening your next work. Hopefully, it won't contain any characters or material that will cause us to have unsettling dreams.

NO LOVE: You would be well- advised to put those plans of opening a greeting card manufacturing business in Tehran on hold. And, Peter Cetera would be well-cautioned not to belt out "Glory of Love" within earshot of citizens in the hot sands of Qa'em Shahr.

Yes, from the ruler who brought you "the Holocaust never happened" comes a new edict to be strictly adhered to by all good Iranians: no Valentine's Day gifts or any promotion of the day. It seems that Iran no longer wants anything to do with this decadent, perverted Western tradition and has thus banned the holiday.


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