DRYING/CURING EQUIPMENT — Avoid Half-baked Systems

New Designs

MEGTEC Systems introduced the Dual-Dry RTO and Dual-Dry OMEGA drying systems at DRUPA 2000. Both units incorporate three major design innovations. The Dual-Dry air bar system provides enhanced web stability on high-speed, wide web presses.

The systems include an integrated regenerative thermal oxidizer (RTO) section for energy-efficient operation and high volatile organic compound (VOC) destruction capabilities. The 95 percent effective heat exchanger allows both dryers to run with zero gas consumption under most print conditions. The systems utilize a conditioning zone featuring Triton ES evaporative cooling technology. The ES seals ink surfaces to minimize solvent condensation and folder marking.

Many customers seek drying/curing systems that allow them to use various types of coatings on a range of paper stocks, while curing the coatings at top press speeds without the threat of picking or blocking the loads, according to William Fuchs, president of FDV Inc.

FDV’s answer to this need is a package it calls the Total Drying System. This system—custom-designed for individual needs—features PLC controls and touchscreen operations. “This allowed us to integrate our software with that of the original equipment manufacturers and now our systems operate within the press control consoles,” Fuchs states.

According to Ed McLoughlin, president of Oxy-Dry Corp., many customers are seeking cost-effective methods of producing quality jobs that match the needs of their customers at the press speeds available on high-speed presses. They also want versatile drying/curing systems that allow them to take full advantage of their presses’ print quality and speed capabilities, and boast ease of operation with minimal maintenance requirements.

Oxy-Dry’s offerings include the DuoTek IR drying package, which employs short-wave IR along with a medium-wave IR source, coupled with an extremely efficient method for providing high-volume hot air. The result is a system for drying aqueous coatings that is very cost-effective to both install and operate. The Oxy-Dry DuoTek UV curing system employs a “shutterless” lamp housing and uses high-volume air for cooling, virtually eliminating the maintenance problems associated with traditional shuttered and water-cooled UV systems. Unique to the DuoTek UV curing system are the infinitely variable output UV lamps providing up to 800 watts per inch of UV curing power.

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