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Enhanced text capabilities, headlined by the new OpenType palette, provide professional typography features such as alternate glyph replacement, swash characters and small type. Illustrator CS also includes the Adobe Every-line Composer, a composition technology shared with Photoshop CS that allows text to be edited across applications.

Version Cue is a new file management system that enables users to visually scan image thumbnails in Photoshop CS, Illustrator CS, InDesign CS and GoLive CS, or search XMP metadata across version comments, keywords, author, date and other file data. It works with a dedicated file server or applications running over a local area network. Hooks to support this function are built into each application.

The Adobe Creative Suites (and individual components) are slated to be available in the fourth quarter of 2003. Current users can upgrade to the Premium Edition for an estimated street price of $749 or to the Standard Edition for $549. The estimated street prices for full editions are $1,229 and $999, respectively. (

ICC Does Work on Spec

RESTON, VA—The International Color Consortium (ICC) has launched a couple of initiatives to enhance the viability of its color management specification. For one, it has teamed up with the Technical Committee 130 (Graphic Technology) of the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) to draft a letter calling on vendors of profiles and profile-building software to eliminate restrictive license language that prevents customers from exchanging profiles with others or embedding them in job files.

Of concern are clauses that prohibit customers from distributing profiles to third parties. Such restrictive language can be a barrier to effective, all-digital workflows and “are therefore too restrictive for many customer workflow procedures, particularly procedures that are using file formats defined in the PDF/X family of international standards,” the letter says.

The solution proposed by the two organizations is for vendors to explicitly permit customers to exchange or embed profiles “for rendering and/or processing of the specific objects to which they are related. We believe that this change will reflect business reality,” the letter continues.

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