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Xerox Sees Future In Black-and-White

ROCHESTER, NY—Based on its market analysis, Xerox Corp. believes there is $18 billion in annual print sales worldwide that potentially could migrate from offset to digital production. The nature of the applications, substrates used and other job requirements make this work suited to digital production, asserts Valerie Blauvelt, vice president of integrated marketing. “Our goal is to capture 10 percent of that opportunity.”

Xerox has identified a “mid production” market and technology category that fills a gap in price, performance and capability, adds Mark Waxenberg, vice president and general manager, Production Solutions Business Unit. In response, the company has introduced the Xerox DocuTech 100/120 copier/printer family.

This new product introduction represents a $400 million investment in building a “new technology platform” from the ground up, Waxenberg reports. Image quality, scanning functionality and substrate flexibility are key differentiators of the platform, he says.

The devices are said to achieve a print resolution of 4,800×600 dpi in part through the use of a “toner cloud and trickle development” system that suspends uniformly sized toner particles in mid air while the photoreceptor is passed through it. Additionally, the “active air detoning cleaner” Xerox developed for the iGen3 has been adapted for use in these units. Other quality assurance features include an ultrasonic multi-feed sheet detector and wide-radius turns in the paper path to avoid scuffing and scratching, as well as support of heavier stocks.

Two Scan or Not to Scan

Hardcopy originals can be scanned at a rate of 120 81⁄2×11˝ images—not pages—per minute. That distinction is important because the unit is designed with dual scan heads (top and bottom) to capture a double-sided original in a single pass, but at an effective rate of 60 pages per minute. The scanner offers a 600×600 dpi optical resolution over a maximum 12×18˝ scan size.

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