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Lastly, UMassFive College Federal Credit Union redesigned its account statements to be much more user-friendly, customized documents with the help of Cathedral Corp.

An in-depth review of the winning applications along with dozens of new case studies will be published in PODi’s “Best Practices in Digital Print 6th Edition” report. Due out this month, the report is free to PODi members and available for a fee to non-members at

Thought provoking ideas were dealt out in nearly 30 regular sessions and seven pre-conference intensives.

In his keynote address, PODi President Rab Govil outlined two approaches—low-cost producer and value-added service provider—to building a successful business. He characterized this as a choice between two rights.

Being a low-cost producer requires focusing on operational efficiency, building a workforce that is more process oriented and selling mostly to agencies that will deliver the complete solution, Govil asserts. To be a value-added service provider, a company must focus on customer intimacy, develop a workforce of service-oriented people with business experience and sell directly to the enterprise in most cases, he adds.

Day two kicked off with a general session detailing how electronics retailer Best Buy teamed up with the Rapp Collins Worldwide direct marketing firm to launch a major customer rewards campaign. The presenters cautioned attendees against being lured by the siren song of versioning, noting that “just because you can doesn’t mean you should use versioning.” Analysis paralysis is another danger, they said, since “data doesn’t equal information and information doesn’t equal actionable insights.”

Revenue, in various form, was a subject that kept coming up regardless of the session topic. Getting away from thinking in terms of price per page was the underlying message. Attendees were advised that consultations with customers, creative services and program development work should all be billable, with charging clients retainers or flat fees suggested as possible mechanisms.

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