Dalim to Show the Evolution of its ES Technology at GRAPH EXPO

With a virtually unlimited zoom, users can review or approve high-resolution documents in complete detail without the need of downloading a file or requiring fast Internet access. Comments and requests for corrections are stored on a centralized server, avoiding any communication issues. Measuring densities or checking available layers and single separations within a positive or negative view is only a mouse click away. The ability to rotate a document helps to review content, especially on imposed or nested forms. And, in order to simulate a specific printing process or ink characteristics, opacity and order of separations can be easily altered, the same way a file view can be inverted.

The display quality of high-resolution files helps users offer accurate comments during the review process. Dialogue Engine’s color certification (SWOP and FograCert) helps color renderings match the printed end result. The innovative, server-based closed-loop calibration system makes quality assurance easy, even at remote sites. All that is required is a colorimeter, plugged into the computer’s USB port.

Along with Dialogue Engine will be Dialogue Touch, a mobile approval client — for use with Apple’s iPhone and iPad — with ES. It allows operators a streamlined online system that produces, manages, transforms and shares digital content over an Internet — Wi-Fi or mobile connection — from virtually anywhere. With its intuitive user interface, registered users can easily navigate through projects requiring their feedback. When opening a document, users can view, zoom, annotate and measure densities for approval or rejection. Dialogue Touch enables ES users to participate in approval cycles and comment on content and layout of project files on their Apple iPad or Apple iPhone, regardless of time zone or geographic location.

“What Dalim Software has learned through decades of production automation is that the processing of files is only one part of a complete workflow,” says Bertin Sorgenfrey, Dalim Software’s Head of International Marketing. “An automated business workflow of review and approval cycles, driving content production, is of equal importance. While other systems claim to provide collaborative features, our ES system provides exceptional flexibility. This allows production to be driven by all participants in the content delivery supply chain, with automated steps to move files to the next stage of production after they are reviewed and approved.”

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