D3 Logic Shortens Time to Market for Clients with GMC Software

BOSTON/APPENZELL, SWITZERLAND—June 20, 2012—GMC Software Technology, a leader in customer communications and output management solutions, announced that D3 Logic has been able to streamline its clients’ customer communications and accelerate time to market on new projects using the GMC Inspire platform.

D3 is a business process management organization that deploys technology platforms and service solutions for direct and digital marketing initiatives. A New England-based company, D3 provides customized,automated print and distribution solutions for a wide range of market segments including financial, healthcare, insurance and others.

“The previous range of solutions that we were using meant that many projects required custom programming,” said Ralph DelMonico, president/CEO of D3. “With solutions from GMC Software Technology in place, we were able to consolidate our technology investment, minimize custom programming and bring our customers’ direct mail campaigns to market faster.”

It is projected that D3 Logic will be able reduce development times by 35% for personalized direct mail campaigns and by 60% for transactional communications. In addition, D3 will be able to repurpose their customers’ existing campaigns given GMC’s ability to import and reuse existing files created with other software applications.

“We are pleased that we’ve been able to assist D3 Logic in consolidating their software investment and cutting development times” said Steve Francis, president of Americas at GMC Software Technology. “We look forward to helping D3 expand their business offerings and deliver solutions that improve customer acquisition, retention and operational efficiency.”

About GMC
GMC Software Technology delivers the most effective solutions in the field of Customer Communications Management (CCM). With unrivalled experience in the industry, GMC has consistently demonstrated the ability to help businesses increase customer engagement across all touch points. The company’s CCM platform, GMC Inspire, enables enterprises to deliver relevant communications, at the right time, through the preferred channel for every customer – driving customer loyalty, acquisition and operational efficiency.

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