Customer Training Programs — Showing Some Class

by chris bauer

Managing Editor

Giving your customers a little direction—and not the driving kind—can go a long way in building a strong printer/print buyer relationship. Many print buyers want to know more about the printing process. And, often times, the more print buyers know about printing, the fewer problems the printer will encounter in the end.

According to a recent survey conducted by press manufacturer MAN Roland, printers who want to connect with customers from the creative side of the business should consider providing them with more information about the printing process. More than 87 percent of the creatives polled declared that they need to be more knowledgeable about the printing process.

Topic Score
Controlling color more precisely 4.6
What to look for on a press check 4.5
Ink and coating options 4.5
Proofing in the digital age 4.4
Preparing files for press 4.3
Printing for less with perfecting 4.2
Benefits of computer-to-plate 4.1
Extending the range of
stocks and substrates
Prepress. Press. Postpress.
How does it all connect?
How to spot the perfect dot 4.0
Being creative in the bindery 3.9
Selecting the right press for the job 3.6
Source: MAN Roland survey.
Rating out of a possible 5.

Responding to a separate question, 91 percent said they would be willing to attend a free seminar to acquire more graphic arts expertise.

“Clearly, a lack of communication exists between printers and creatives,” says Yves Rogivue, CEO of MAN Roland, in announcing the survey results. “Our study shows that the gap today seems to be wider than ever. That is alarming because advancements like digital workflows and computer-integrated manufacturing (CIM) require closer cooperation between the creators of printed products and the experts who reproduce them.”

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