Franklin’s Makeover Reveal Put on Hold by Gaffe

WASHINGTON, DC—Ben Franklin’s sparkling new makeover—and considering his age, it must be a doozy—is suffering from technical difficulties and will not be ready in time for its previously scheduled February 2011 release. The new high-tech $100 bill has emerged from initial printing runs at the Bureau of Engraving and Printing with unwanted creases. Alas, Botox doesn’t work on paper.

The bills have been redesigned with sophisticated elements aimed at thwarting counterfeiters. The Federal Reserve said the release will be delayed until the problem is resolved, and a new date will be announced as soon as possible.

According to the central bank, the sporadic creasing that occurred in initial press runs for the new $100 bill had not been evident during pre-production testing of the new bills.

Some of the new security features of the $100 bill include a disappearing Liberty Bell in an inkwell and a bright blue security ribbon that is composed of thousands of tiny lenses. Those lenses magnify the objects underneath them to make them appear that they are moving in the opposite direction from the way the bill is being moved.