COURIER CORP. — Textbook Example

“One of our greatest advantages is that we’re solely focused on three major book markets,” Conway adds. “All we do is books, not periodicals or commercial work. Our publishing clients really appreciate that strong market focus.”

The introduction of FastPath last year underscored the company’s dedication to dramatically reducing product turnaround times via a streamlined, problem-sleuthing Web tool for file transfers. Its three components—Status Check, File Check and Proof Check—have removed an abundance of front-end headaches for the publisher and made product delivery easier for the printer, according to Steve Franzino, vice president of technology.

Keeping Posted

Status Check is an online job status reporting system and inventory management tool. Clients can use their Web browser to access their job status across the Courier manufacturing platform. A search and sort capability provides the most updated information, including inventory levels in the formats they desire.

“Many of today’s newer print buyers want to monitor the status of their jobs via the Web,” explains Franzino. “They want to access information online, which helps them get through the manufacturing process.”

File Check is an online, inter-active preflight validation tool that ensures file compliance by matching files against Courier’s “Right From the Start” manufacturing specifications publication. Customers get immediate feedback on whether each file has passed or failed. If it has failed, it provides the client with the corrective measures for compliance. “In the past, the front end was always a bit leaky as far as compliance goes,” Franzino admits.

“In some ways, we’re one step removed from the people who created the files. We sell to print buyers, but production manufacturing personnel at the publisher send the content to compositors. They work with the publisher, but the compositor actually sends us the files. So we wanted to put the tool directly in the compositor’s hands.”

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