Contest Winners Take a Bow–DeWese

The past three years have been horrendously bad for the printing industry. Some industry experts say that printing market conditions were the worst in 40 years. I heard horror stories every day. I witnessed bankruptcies, I saw lost jobs and I grieved over padlocked companies. It was depressing and I considered buying an ocean-side bar in the Caribbean, or joining a traveling carnival, or running for governor of California (who cares that I reside in Pennsylvania?) or developing an online psychotherapy Website for unemployed printers.

I was committed, however, to sticking it out because I had sponsored The Second Great American Print Sales Prospecting Contest and, as much as I wanted to roll over and take a nap to forget the weak economy, I was witnessing hundreds of salespeople working extra hard to get new accounts in the worst of times. Finally, after compiling all the contest participants’ reports, I can recognize the winners in this column.

I asked each of the winning companies to give me a little write-up on how they won. In reading them, it showed me there’s a lot to learn about human motivation in tough times. This may be the most valuable column I ever wrote because parts of it were actually written by the winners who did it! The five winners have my congratulations and highest respect.

The winning sales staffs, from top to bottom:

Worth Higgins & Associates;

Saint Clair Press;

Victor Graphics;

Ambrose Printing;

and PCA Inc.

Here are the official results.

Large Company Category Winner

PCA Inc., Baltimore

Richard Jones, PCA president, writes, “We remain committed to performance. As the only small-format company in the group of Consolidated Graphics companies located east of the Mississippi, we continue to sell PCA as a regional resource for large-scale projects that are produced on small presses, particularly those that are facilitated by electronic ordering. PCA does $300 orders, lots of them. But we consider complicated, unusual and time-sensitive jobs routine, and we embrace those opportunities.

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