Consolidated Graphics Streamlines Color Management with Taskero Universe

VALHALLA, NY—June 4, 2009—Consolidated Graphics, Inc. (CGX) has streamlined its color management across several of its location, thanks to Fujifilm’s patented Taskero Universe, a groundbreaking suite of monitoring and analysis tools designed to increase profitability and reduce waste. CGX has implemented Taskero Universe at several sites and has found it to be “invaluable to management and to customers.”

Headquartered in Houston, Texas, CGX is one of the world’s leading sheetfed, web and digital commercial printing businesses. With 70 printing companies strategically located across 27 states and Canada, and with a new facility in Prague, CGX offers an unmatched geographic footprint, unsurpassed capabilities, and unparalleled levels of convenience, efficiency and service.

CGX is using Taskero Universe not only in conjunction with customers, but also with its suppliers. “The greatest advantage has been the ability to monitor and trend suppliers’ inks and paper,” explained Cory Sawatzki, manager of graphic technologies at Consolidated Graphics. “We have a very tightly color controlled environment and we’re able to read data and identify trends on everything in our pressroom.”

Designed to give printers the ultimate level of quality control, Taskero Universe is a complete solution that delivers valuable business information across the entire production cycle. As soon as a press goes into “production mode,” Taskero Universe begins collecting and analyzing data, verifying that the job is staying within the specified tolerance set at the press console. Taskero Universe collects the raw data – including information on performance across all ink keys, color conformance and even paper performance – and then aggregates the data and delivers a variety real-time reports via the web or a PDF to the printer or their customers.

“The Taskero Universe system has definitely streamlined the operations and allows us to quickly see that multiple devices are running within a Delta E specification,” added Bryan McMillan, prepress manager at CDS Publications, a Consolidated Graphics company. “We are monitoring multiple proofing devices and multiple presses at five sites on a global level and we can view them from any computer that has Web access capability. This is something that has never been available before, thanks to time constraints. The data and reporting we see at glance would have taken week, even months, to replicated and was inconceivable. To see the many areas of reporting, all at a glance, is a benefit that we find has been invaluable to management and to customers.”

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