Launching in Time for Fall Elections

LOS ALAMITOS, CA—August 18, 2010—Sparta Marketing is pleased to announce the launch of, an innovative new site that brings together Sparta’s 25 years of marketing experience, its invaluable connections in the marketing industry, and the latest technologies, all to create the highest-quality campaign marketing materials at the lowest prices. The service asserts it has an edge on the competition by mastering the use of variable data printing.

“Today’s winning campaigns need to be smart, cost-effective, and creative in order to stand out from the competition yet stay within budget. That’s where comes in,” said Hap LeCompte, a specialist with Sparta Marketing. “Our goal is to use a network of artists, designers, printers, suppliers and Web specialists, supplemented by the latest technology, to drive costs down, quality up, and voters to the polls.”

An election campaign is basically the marketing of an individual candidate, and creating name recognition through a campaign is essential to a candidate’s success. The marketing aspect of the political campaign must use multiple forms of advertising in order to implant the candidate’s name in voters’ minds. uses several different types of printing and technology to convey a candidate’s message and create name recognition.

A website can be an immensely effective way for a candidate to create name recognition and to share his or her personal background and positions on major issues, but how do you drive voters to the website? How can you convince voters to educate themselves on a candidate? Many voters cast their ballots without knowing much more about the candidates than their names. This proves that name recognition is a powerful factor in voter behavior, so you must use marketing materials to direct voters to a candidate’s website and solidify his or her name recognition. brings together all the marketing resources necessary to run a successful campaign at any level, of any size, and on any budget. It is a one-stop shop for campaigns looking for marketing materials for local, state, or national elections. While the most traditional forms of campaign marketing are direct mail, door hangers, yard signs, bumper stickers, banners, campaign buttons, and shirts and hats. supplements such marketing paraphernalia with integrated websites and one of the newest and most successful political campaign printing innovations being used: variable data printing.