Cadmus–One-stop Communications Shop

For start-up companies, Cadmus can fulfill the complete communications need. Take Intelos, a new provider of wireless telephone services. In the “create” mode, Cadmus developed the company’s brand identity (a wireless phone “like a phone away from home”), created a logo and ad campaign around the new identity, managed media placement, designed the packaging and developed a supportive direct mail campaign. In the “produce” mode, Cadmus printed the business packages and provided point-of-purchase (POP) materials. In the “distribute” mode, Cadmus will set up a customer service program and process orders for the packaging and POP materials.

From Concept to Beyond
Intelos went in with an idea for a product and came out with a corporate identity and an accompanying full-scale marketing plan. That’s the power of fully integrated, end-to-end communications. That’s the power of Cadmus, its execs contend.

As a radically new kind of communications company, Cadmus is investing heavily in spreading the word about its revolutionary services. The company believes it’s on to something big, and considering its client base—which includes Hardee’s, Bloomingdales, FedEx and Radio Shack (to name a few)—Cadmus has real potential to make this new concept fly.

What Cadmus is on to is the linked future of printing and marketing—an idea so revolutionary, the migration of thinking to buy into the concept remains to be seen.

Cadmus intends to quicken the pace of customer acceptance by demonstrating personally the magnitude—as well as the potential success—of its services. By using itself as an example, Cadmus has taken its entire corporation (3,000 employees at 14 facilities) through the total information-integration process it’s trying to sell.

“We didn’t want to be the cobbler’s children, so we did our own brand identity study,” reveals Isaac. “We asked our associates [employees] and customers what they think of Cadmus and what message it conveys. Most people said Cadmus is seen as a company that is responsive to its customers’ needs and innovative in its solutions to customers’ communications problems. They said we go the distance in helping them excel.

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