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Colorado Jury Finds Former CTI Employees Misappropriated Ink Trade Secrets

A Colorado jury ruled in favor of Chromatic Technologies Inc. (CTI), a manufacturer of thermochromic inks that can turn cans blue when a beverage is cold. The jury found that SilverFox Innovations and its "partners" misappropriated CTI’s trade secrets and that their actions were attended by circumstances of fraud, malice or willful and wanton disregard of CTI’s rights.


The Week That Was
Domtar's 8-Foot Sheet of Paper Interacts with Fans at Comic-Con (Video)

Domtar Corp. has released a video that shows a massive 8-foot sheet of paper interacting with fans at Comic-Con in San Diego. The video marks the latest effort in Domtar's award-winning PAPERbecause campaign. "This is a fun way to remind people that this popular event hinges on great work that began with paper as an integral part of the creative process," said Paige Goff, Domtar's vice president of sustainability and business communications.

In Depth
Vision Integrated Graphics Group: Envisioning Great Growth

Doug Powell has good equipment. In fact, the CEO of Chicagoland’s Vision Integrated Graphics Group has great equipment. Powell knows this; if 30 years in the graphic arts industry has taught him anything, it’s that one must be fearless when it comes to embracing new technology. As a result, Powell walks the bleeding edge, and it has yet to burn him.

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