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RIT Students Create a Handmade Letterpress to Join Historic Cary Collection

As part of their senior project, five engineering students at Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT), made an aluminum hand-operated tabletop letterpress, weighing in at 25 pounds. Assembled using two Allen wrenches, the letterpress can produce high-quality and repeatable prints. It joins the esteemed collection of historic 19th century printing presses at RIT’s Cary Graphic Arts Collection.

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The Week That Was
Robert Koehler, Chairman of the Supervisory Board of Heidelberg, Passes Away

Chairman of Heidelberg's Supervisory Board Robert Koehler has passed away at age 66. Appointed to the Board in 2003, he served as chairman from 2011 until his passing on May 17, 2015. With his international experience and his focus on the big picture, Koehler played a key role in Heidelberg’s development.

In Depth
Kirkwood Printing: A Decade of Determination

Stop us if you’ve heard this three Quebecor World sales guys are driving around during their lunch hour one day, circa 2003, and stumble upon a commercial printing business they knew well: a company with an outstanding reputation, a firm that represented a golden opportunity for the trio to strike out on their own and start anew.

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