Mike Philie

Mike Philie

Mike Philie leverages his 28 years of direct industry experience in sales, sales management and executive leadership to share what’s working for companies today and how to safely transform your business. Since 2007, he has been providing consulting services to privately held printing and mailing companies across North America.

With the changes in technology, market conditions and client expectations, business leaders can no longer wait and hope things will improve on their own. Business transformation is no longer a once-in-a-lifetime event. Rather, it has become an ongoing reality.

Changing the trajectory of a business is difficult to do while simultaneously operating your core competencies. Mike provides strategy and insight to owners and CEOs in the Graphic Communications Industry by providing direct and realistic assessments, not being afraid to voice the unpopular opinion and helping leaders navigate change through a common sense and practical approach.

His no-nonsense presentations offer tools for organizational change, performance management and strategic sales growth through both organic sales and acquisitions.

Your Sales Team, Today and Tomorrow

The effectiveness of the sales team remains an ongoing concern for most sales leaders and CEO’s in the Graphic Communications industry.

Key Steps to Income Improvement

Here are a few things to focus on to get your company back on track to being a sustainable, profitable business.

Get Wired for Success

Mike Philie explores what to consider to help your staff cope with the ever fluid wave of technology and the need to learn.

Asking Questions and Curiosity

What would happen if your staff was encouraged to try new things or collaborate with someone to solve a problem during a slow time?

5 Tips for Building Your Team

In this week’s blog, Mike Philie gives five things to consider when working on improving your business.