Lois Ritarossi

Lois Ritarossi

Lois Ritarossi, CMC®, is the President of High Rock Strategies, a consulting firm focused on sales and marketing strategies, and business growth for firms in the print, mail and communication sectors. Lois brings her clients a cross functional skill set and strategic thinking with disciplines in business strategy, sales process, sales training, marketing, software implementation, inkjet transformation and workflow optimization. Lois has enabled clients to successfully launch new products and services with integrated sales and marketing strategies, and enabled sales teams to effectively win new business. You can reach Lois at highrockstrategies.com.

Put on Your Marketing Hat

A concise marketing strategy is the basis that drives decisions and investments in sales, clients, operations, and finance.

Strategic Assessment: Why Do It?

While this January feels quite different than most, it is still that time to pause and reflect and define the goals for the year.