Augmented Reality Marketing: New Technologies Enabling the Ultimate Multichannel Experience (2011 InterACT! Virtual Show session)

Speakers: Vivian Rosenthal, Founder & CEO, GoldRun

Click above/below to view this webinar, originally offered as a session at the 2011 InterACT! Virtual Conference & Expo.

Attend a special one-hour session to explore real-life, case study examples that showcase this emerging technology increasingly being used for marketing, advertising and entertainment.

Today, Augmented Reality (AR) is being deployed for retail, outdoor marketing and mobile marketing campaigns, as well as for product goods, packaging, gaming, publishing, events and product design, to name just a few. AR can be used to create virtual pop-up stores, scavenger hunts and photo booths, all based around your brand’s specific offerings. We’ll discuss the advantages of using an AR platform over creating a one-off app.

You will learn:
– How marketers and brand managers at traditional businesses are maintaining an interactive, digital dialog with consumers through AR;
– How the product itself can be used to drive people to brand websites and physical destinations;
– How companies are creating digital revenues with AR without changing their existing business models;
– How to use AR to create buzz for your brand, help drive traffic and activate your fans and attract new customers

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