Handwork: A Profitable & Efficient Approach

Handwork is completed in every mailing, fulfillment, quick print and printing establishment in the country. Handwork has the potential to provide the highest profit margins to our business compared to any other business component. Is your company experiencing these high profit margins? If not, plan to attend this hands-on session conducted by Tom Quinn, Director of Fulfillment Services, MFSA.

Tomwill lead this fast session which includes: how to price hand assembly services, using workflow models, handwork estimate, line balancing and other critical activities for success. Mr. Quinn will share his experience in this area of handwork and will answer your questions concerning handwork projects. This comprehensive course is designed for owners, vice presidents of operations, estimators and handwork supervisors from mailing, printing or 3PF companies.

Webinar objectives include:

* Learn a handwork estimating model.
* Demonstrate how to properly set-up a handwork area.
* Provide line balancing tips to gain better efficiency

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