Should You Rebuild or Replace?

A couple of summers ago, while we were preparing for our family vacation, I went down in our basement to gather some items for the trip. While walking past the utility closet, I stepped on a water soaked area of our carpet and immediately thought to myself; Do I want to open the door to find out where this water is coming from? Then reality set in quickly. Do I actually have a choice?

The water trail had appeared to lead to the base of the furnace. My first hope was that it was only the ejector pump had overflowed, but after further evaluation, I determined it was internal. I realized the system was 10 years old, but it had given us very little trouble prior to that day.

We all know these sorts of things always happen at the most inopportune time. We were two days from leaving on a family vacation and now had to figure out who to call and what the repairs would entail.

The repairman arrived and had given us a couple of options that he could try to eliminate the issues. Due to the time constraint and the urgency, we took the lesser of two evils. He did what he needed and off he went.

Ten days later, we arrived back at home to find that the quick fix was not the answer and had to have a technician return to our home. Now we were faced with the decision once again. Do we pay for an attempt to repair the unit or just make the investment and replace it with a new model?

The life expectancy of UV drying systems varies for many reasons. How often the system was actually used? How well was the equipment maintained and serviced? As well as the conditions surrounding the machine. One of the most important contributing factors to remember is the age of the equipment. Many of the earlier designs are now outdated. Older units are hindered by excess power consumption and heat.

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