Approved Supplier Lists: Print Buyers and Suppliers Compare Notes

March 17, 2009

Below are the results of the latest Print Buyers Weekly Quick Poll survey, which encourages our print buyer and supplier members to share their thoughts on issues that affect the graphic arts industry.

Print Buyer Quick Poll:

Do your print suppliers have to be on an approved supplier list in order to work with your organization?

a) Yes — 51%
b) No — 49%
c) I don’t know — 0%

(67 major print buyers participated in this Quick Poll survey.)

Printer’s Quick Poll:

In the last year, do you believe that more customers are requiring that their printers must first pre-qualify and be on an approved supplier list before they can use them?

a) Yes — 21%
b) No — 72%
c) I don’t know — 7%

(14 major print suppliers participated in this Quick Poll survey.)

Comments from survey participants:

“Suppliers do not have to be on our list of approved vendors, however, it does make things easier if they are – so that terms and agreements do not have to be set up before a job is printed.” Cameron Mart, Director of Production, Punch Integrated Communications

“It is often used as an excuse not to talk to salespeople that did not research before calling.”

“Unfortunately, right now more clients are more interested in price than in preferred vendor. Budgets are being cut, and vendors will be added to an approved vendor list if the price is right.” Rick Dumas, Project Manager

“It’s often as much about politics as it is price for a printer to achieve ‘preferred’ status when that status is highly influenced by people other than those actually managing production.”

“Especially the major players.” Print Supplier

“Although we have our regular suppliers, we don’t have a specific supplier list and are able to choose anyone who is capable of doing any specific job.”

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