FUJIFILM Graphic Systems Div.

Brillia digital plates: proprietary MG-MultiGrain technology for printing efficiency, rich tone reproduction, long press life, simple platemaking. Product line includes LP-N3, LP-NN2 and LP-NV photopolymer plates, as well as the LH-PJ and LH-PSE thermal plates. Ecomaxx-T processless thermal plate: processless plate, drops into existing imaging devices with minimum penalty, requires imaging power of about 120mJ/cm2 (similar to Fujifilm's other thermal plates, so same plate production speeds), on-press performance close to other Fuji CTP plates. PS-Plate System presensitized offset plates: batch-to-batch consistency, good performance, MG-MultiGrain technology, environmentally safe aqueous chemicals. Ecomaxx-V low-chemistry violet CTP plate: 150,000-200,000 impressions, 1-99% dot at 200 lpi resolution, no chemistry replenishment (only a water top-up), good ink/water balance.

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