Eastman Kodak

Magnus 800 platesetter: 60 plates/hr., auto-loader with single- or multi-cassette unit that holds up to 600 plates (semi-automatic model available). Magnus 400 III: SQUARESPOT thermal imaging, 38 plates/hr. (4 page), optional automation. Magnus VLF: 28.2 plates/hr. (2070mm) or 52.6 plates/hr. (1030mm), Automatic Pallet Loader option supports up to 6 pallets of max. 600 plates (3,600 total), large-capacity slip sheet storage system. Trendsetter 400: 43 plates/hr. (50 with Autoloader), 2- to 6-page sizes, SQUARESPOT imaging, semi-automatic operation, supports processless plates, thermal film and proofing media. Trendsetter 800: 8-page platesetter, 3 automation options (Autoloader, Auto Unload and standard), 42 plates/hr. with Autoloader, SQUARESPOT imaging. Trendsetter News: SQUARESPOT imaging, 5 speeds (80-150 plates/hr.), semi- or fully automated plate loading and unloading. Generation News: SQUARESPOT imaging, multiple cassettes for auto-loading max. 1,600 broadsheet/800 panorama plates with automatic plate size selection, slip sheet removal, centering and registration. Flexcel NX Digital Flexographic System: images paper, flexible film, foil and label stock with smaller highlight dots and DigiCap NX screening using Flexcel XN 830 thermal imaging layer and laminator, choice of Trendesetter NX imager, Flexcel NX plates and Prinergy workflow for packaging. Thermoflex Hybrid platesetter: narrow and mid formats, Hyperflex Ready imaging technology.

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