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SpectroDens combines the functionality of a highly accurate spectrophotometer with an easy-to-use densitometer. Spectral engine with measurement head for extract and direct positioning, enabling precise measurements in ~1 sec. Verifies proofs, maintains color control on-press, or inspects printed products.

SpectroPlate enables precise dot transfer to offset printing plates. Reads any screen size and technology--FM, AM or Hybrid. Spectrally white illumination and dynamic color evaluation permits reading all plate types and coated surfaces.

SpectroJet automatically measures density and color values of process and spot colors, transferring measurement data to a PC. Tracking wheels ensure a straight run when guided along color test patches.

SpectroDrive increases press productivity by ensuring consistent print-to-print color accuracy throughout the press run. 2 components--motorized measurement system scans the color bar within seconds and simultaneously sends spectral measurement data wirelessly to a PC, where it is displayed.

SpectroEdge 5000 in-line spectrophotometer is developed for in-line closed-loop color calibration. Provides real-time spectral data measurement on presses running at 1,000 fpm with color accuracy. Improves precision and quality control by automatically calibrating color, saving time and eliminating errors with manual color checks.

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