Gämmerler (U.S.)

KL 5000 compensating stacker. 3-stage stacking system; multilingual, programmable control panel; and pivot delivery table. Compatible with press speeds up to 105,000 cph. PrintPath STC-700 offers a multilingual control panel and 3-stage stacking system. Compatible with presses operating at speeds up to 70,000 cph. KL 6000 indexing/compensating stacker's precollection system lowers copies through the stacker's chamber, virtually eliminating any product drop. Bundles for both high and low page count products and gravure environments. SV 300 and 500 vertical log stackers. Reverse angle construction takes advantage of gravity. Design minimizes bindery lap damage. PR 500 robotic palletizer for wide variety of product formats. Gripper takes custody of the bundle on all 6 sides. Handles bundles and logs. PL 500 log palletizer builds pallet patterns that protect bindery laps. Cycle times as fast as 15 sec. BL 408 bindery stacker stacks saddlestitched and perfect bound products.

431 Lakeview Ct. Ste. B
Mount Prospect, IL 60056
Web Site: www.gammerler.com
Phone: (224) 361-8300