HP Latex Ink printers--HP Scitex LX850: 126", dual-roll, roll-to-free fall and roll-to-collector handling; HP Scitex LX820: 126", roll-to-roll configuration; HP Designjet L25500: outdoor and indoor applications. HP LX610 Latex Scitex inks produce rich blacks and glossy results, plus improved water resistance on fabrics. UV-curable printers--HP Scitex TJ8600: full and selective gloss modes, HP TJ210 Scitex inks; flatbed HP Scitex FB7500 (65x126"), HP Scitex FB700 (98" with media load and collect features) and HP Scitex FB500 (64"). HP Designjet Z printers for proofing applications using water-based inks--HP Designjet Z6200 photo printer: 42" and 60" widths, HP Vivid photo inks; HP Designjet Z5200: 44", HP Instant Printing Pro software.

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