Thad Kubis

Thad Kubis

Thad Kubis is an unconventional storyteller, offering a confused marketplace a series of proven, valid, integrated marketing/communication solutions. He designs B2B or B2C experiential stories founded on Omni-Channel applications, featuring demographic/target audience relevance, integration, interaction, and performance analytics and program metrics.

Are You Relevant?

To be relevant you need to know what is relevant to the marketplace/markets/verticals you plan to attract, support, or serve. Here are some "talking points" that connect directly to relevance. You should get to know them intimately, close up and personal.

New Year, New Blog

This year my blogging efforts are taking a different tack. I will introduce an interactive blog, one that will provide answers to the questions “What is integrated marketing communications and media convergence?” and “How can you the media provider provide and profit from these interrelated and interlinked marketing solutions?”

Giants Satisfy Urge to Converge

Such a strange industry! Heidelberg and Fujifilm announce a collaboration, and most people I know within the industry did not even know about it. This collaboration is as much a manufacturing and idea convergence as media convergence is the future route to find consumers’ buying sweet spot.

Multi-media Marketing – A Witches’ Brew

To brew up your cauldron of success, start with a very deep examination of your skill set, your marketing program, your communications effort (yes, marketing and communications are different), and your ability to collaborate, inform, and educate your prospect or current customer.

All Media Is Dead! Long Live ______________! (Fill in the Blank)

If you have been a regular follower of this blog, you know I have been looking to redefine print for some time. Over the past 12 months, I offered several different definitions, none of which I really found to be "the" definition. So I decided to rethink the process and create, develop, conceive of a brand new characterization.

Emerging Technology Today, Legacy Media Tomorrow

Media convergence is convergence of media across all media—many into one. The recent purchase of The Washington Post by Jeff Bezos is to me the starting line, the famous line in the sand of defining future media—converged media.

A New Look at Media Convergence

In his blog this week, Thaddeus Kubis shares his thoughts on the future of the printing industry, addressing consolidation, convergence, integration and interaction.

The True future of Media Convergence is Based on People!

There are many faces to convergence and you cannot expect anyone to support your business if you do not focus on the customer and, in our fast-moving world, keep your customer close and informed. The NYU – Prism Award Luncheon, and Graphic Communications Scholarship Foundation (GCSF) and the APC–NYC Awards Event, are two examples of events that support the concept of customer convergence with a singular focus on the customer.

Exponential Sales

Listening is critical, understanding what you heard is also critical. But asking the correct questions, and understanding the needs of your customer and prospect base on a regular basis are the most critical of all. You may not like what you will hear, but at least you will be advised of any concerns before you discover that your customers have left the building.

Luxe Pack 2013; Why Loans May be a Better Term; New Business, New Employees

Hey, packaging printer, if you have not heard, social media is a great tool to start the dialogue with clients/prospects to maintain and expand the engagement process and social media is a great CRM tool. Social is just one more tool that printers MUST use on a regular basis to get their service offerings to a new media-defined marketplace.

Put Up or Shut Up!

Keeping the tools and learning sources flowing via a partnership—a new business/education partnership and relevant high schools, colleges/universities—based on a clear, achievable defined goal, can create a diverse base of future employees.

Print is for Losers!*

Print has not been included within the trending universe for some time and I doubt that it will ever make its way back to any of the top trending lists in the future. Not because print is dead (for it is not), not because print is an old-fashioned technology (again it is not), but because print will not get back in vogue until the “identity” of print is changed and updated.

It's a Singular Sensation

When a printer “sells” their traditional products and service mix does it matter to the client if the additive or subtractive method of color reproduction is to be used? No, the client in most instances looks to the printer for that specific level of expertise. Yes, you will need to let the client know the end process since that may in some ways define the need and effect the price, but the technical aspects of the process are covert.