Zoo Printing Launches New Mobile App

COMMERCE, CA—Zoo Printing has launched a new mobile app loaded with features that solve many printers and print sellers biggest problem: managing a business without being in front of a computer all day. The goal of the app, named ZooApp, is to expedite the process between print resellers and their clients by doing almost everything from the app that used to require being in an office at a computer.

“One of the most important aspects of our business is efficiency. Our focus for years was speeding up production turnaround and shipping times. As a result of this work we offer the fastest turnarounds in the industry and ship almost anywhere in the U.S. in one to two days using standard ground shipping. Now our focus is helping our clients get orders from their customers more efficiently,” said Dan Doron, president of Zoo Printing. “This is where ZooApp comes in. It shortens the gap and speeds up the ordering process between our clients and their customers.”

Traditionally, trade print clients spend a lot of time in front of their computers checking prices and turnaround times, reformatting and marking up estimates and waiting for customer approval. ZooApp 1.0 is designed to improve this process. Zoo clients can, among other things, check turnaround times, see estimate quotes, view and approve proofs on the go. ZooApp 1.1 is currently in development and intends to close the gap between print sellers and their customers to get and place orders quicker. It will include a pricing calculator, instant ordering for Zoo’s complete product line, downloadable estimate quotes that can be marked up and e-mailed to clients.

“The goal is to offer almost everything our full Website can do in a simple way on your phone,” added Doron.

Click here to preview and download the ZooApp.

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