xpedx Spotlights New Print Production Technologies, Systems Integration at GRAPH EXPO

There will also be a sample department to showcase paper and synthetic substrates optimized for digital print production, including xpedx’s Endurance Digital brand. Additional substrates will be imaged throughout the show on a wide-format inkjet device, showing the profit potential in signage, banners, and other items that can be produced with equipment and supplies readily available from xpedx.

Wide format solutions including the Epson Stylus Pro GS 6000 and the EFI VUTEk® QS220 will be demonstrated, as will the Epson Stylus Pro 7900, demonstrating state of the art in photographic ink-jet technology.

xpedx will conduct continuous briefings on G7 benchmarking, workflow integration, obtaining certification from the Sustainable Green Printing Partnership (SGP), and in-plant printing services. Killion says all of the talks will be concise and give printers important, actionable information.

About xpedx

With more than 230 locations across North America, xpedx offers equipment, supplies and specialized services across all pre-press, on-press and post-press functions. www.xpedx.com, www.xpedxstores.com and the xpedx eBusiness team provide printers with real-time access to xpedx products as well as customer service and support. xpedx also provides detailed operations consulting to printing company owners and managers.

The xpedx Technology Center in Cincinnati, Ohio, gives print professionals a single location where they can learn about and test a variety of printing equipment and technologies. It is the only center in the U.S. featuring technology from top print industry OEMs covering all aspects of offset and digital printing. Visit www.xpedx.com/xpedxTechnologyCenter.aspx to learn more.

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