XMPie Debuts First Interactive, One-to-one Exhibit #Ipex

BIRMINGHAM, UK—May 17, 2010—XMPie is highlighting its industry-leading one-to-one software in a first-of-its-kind, interactive exhibit at Ipex 2010. The XMPie Advantage is an exclusive, one-to-one showcase featuring movies, theatre presentations, interactive applications, new technologies and demonstrations of XMPie’s latest variable data print (VDP), cross-media and Web-to-print solutions. XMPie is also showcasing a new technology that brings print personalization into the hands of mobile users.

“Over the past 10 years, XMPie has developed a reputation for innovative, flexible and robust one-to-one solutions that keep users on the leading edge of highly creative marketing communications,” said Karin Stroh, vice president of marketing, XMPie. “At Ipex 2010, we are building on that reputation with an interactive and personalized exhibition. For the first time, the complete power and performance of XMPie’s technology will be on display, in the hands of attendees.”

XMPie’s exhibit will provide attendees with the opportunity to take a journey into the world of XMPie-enabled personalized communications. There will be a fast-paced, live action animated movie showing the one-to-one advantages only XMPie can provide, presentations highlighting real XMPie customer applications that demonstrate the keys to personalization success, and an interactive zone with self-service kiosks full of XMPie customer applications. There will also be ongoing demonstrations of XMPie’s latest solutions for VDP, cross-media campaigns and Web-to-print marketing portals.

Debuting at Ipex is a new technology demonstration of a future-looking one-to-one communication capability. uPrint Mobile is an iPhone App that integrates with PersonalEffect and allows the user to select a document, customize it with pictures just taken by the iPhone, and have the document printed on a nearby Xerox printer. It uses Xerox mobile printing technology to enable the local printing. With uPrint Mobile, XMPie pushes its idea of “Personalization at your Fingertips,” where personalized printing can be done on local devices controlled by the individual recipient, following a pull versus push model. It’s a new dimension for personalization where relevancy is not only improved by content and design, but also by the simple fact that the individual recipient creates the printed piece.

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