X-Rite and Pantone Demonstrate Color Management Solutions at GRAPH EXPO

For attendees that are either considering digital printing technologies or already have those capabilities in-house, X-Rite wlll be demonstrating the i1iSis XL along with Digital PressWatch from Chromix. Designed within the capable Maxwell ’Cloud’ service, it allows digital printers the kind of QA controls inherent with traditional web and sheet-fed printing. Digital PressWatch provides tools for viewing, monitoring and reporting the performance of each and every digital press, all from a web browser. Essential tasks like verification, pass/fail reporting and trending relative to a print standard are core to its functionality.

X-Rite is also planning to demonstrate the latest version of EasyTrax, its affordable, semi-automated press-side color scanning solution, along with IntelliTrax, the industry’s scanning system of choice, which provides the fastest, fully-automated press-side color control solution available today. In the Agfa Graphics’ Pitman Co. booth, #1227, IntelliTrax will be integrated with the Essex Products Group (EPG) KeyColor E ink controller, demonstrating closed-loop press controls.

Additionally, attendees will view a variety of essential PANTONE Color tools, including Capsure designed to let graphic professionals capture color inspiration from any surface, material or fabric and match it quickly and accurately to a PANTONE Color.

Show attendees will also see Pantone’s two new mobile applications myPANTONE for Android and myPANTONE 2.0 for the iPhone, iPod and iPad designed to capture, create and share PANTONE® Color Palettes on popular mobile devices—giving graphic, digital, multimedia, fashion, interior and industrial designers access to more than 13,000 PANTONE Colors wherever they go, whenever they find inspiration.

X-Rite will also demonstrate version 6 of its InkFormulation and ColorQuality software packages. Developed for ink manufacturers and printers who formulate their own ink, X-Rite’s InkFormulation provides a fast, accurate and consistent ink formulation, formula creation, storage, approval and retrieval solution for offset, flexographic, gravure and screen-printing inks. InkFormulation 6 and ColorQuality 6 give ink suppliers and printers more flexibility over recipes and assortments, improve basic materials handling, automatically determines the right ink film thickness and helps to eliminate hazardous waste.

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