WorkflowOne Launches POP Management Solution for Retail Chains

DAYTON, OH—August 30, 2011— WorkflowOne, a leading provider of print management, marketing and distribution services, has introduced “Venue,” a software solution that allows retail chains to optimize and closely manage their point-of-purchase (POP) marketing efforts, materials and expense. Using Venue, retailers can better tailor POP programs by reducing production and distribution costs, increase speed to market, customize marketing messages by location and optimize their overall POP retail effectiveness.

The software is best suited for organizations that either have significant physical variety in their retail locations (different numbers of windows, registers, end caps, etc.) or those that wish to create more targeted POP materials to improve their effectiveness. Venue manages the intricate relationships among location variables, POP items and the numbers and dimensions of the fixtures and places where POP can be placed. allowing companies to produce very precise quantities, ship very accurate POP quantities to each location and allow those POP items to be highly targeted to s location’s clientele.

“Today’s retailers work hard to create an engaging environment for shoppers and one that will drive first time and repeat buyers,” said Thomas Rizzi, chief sales officer at WorkflowOne. “POP materials, properly displayed and customized for a local market and timed correctly with other marketing efforts, can make a significant difference in whether on not shoppers take action.”

By combining its Web-based Venue tool with a nationwide footprint of manufacturing, warehousing and distribution facilities and its expertise in freight and logistics, WorkflowOne can minimize problems associated with large POP-based marketing programs while providing significant cost savings. In fact, when the WorkflowOne analyzed the retail distribution methods of one of the nation’s leading wireless providers, it found a number of ways to save that company money. Today the company saves approximately $18 million annually on retail POP distribution.

About WorkflowOne
WorkflowOne is one of the largest providers of print management, marketing and distribution services in North America. The company provides a wide range of products and services including business documents, electronic print and mail solutions, promotional marketing products, label solutions, sales and marketing collateral and distribution services. For more information, visit or call toll-free 877-735-4966.

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