WebbMason Launches On-Demand Document Printing Technology

HUNT VALLEY, MD—August 24, 2011—WebbMason Inc., a leading provider of on-demand marketing solutions, has introduced on-demand document printing technology that gives companies the ability to control procurement of “on-the-fly” printing while making it easy for users to design, assemble, print and custom-order business documents right from the convenience of their PCs or Macs. WebbMason docBuilder enables users to create documents online 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and have their printed orders delivered the next business day—for less than it would cost at a typical retail print chain.

Offered as part of MarketingBench—WebbMason’s enterprise-level print/promo procurement, management and reporting portal—the new on-demand document printing technology gives companies’ an all-in-one solution for controlling the cost and quality of their printed materials. Because docBuilder users have access to marketing assets and customizable templates stored on their companies’ MarketingBench sites, even documents created at the last-minute can include current brand and creative content.

“WebbMason docBuilder’s easy-to-use interface allows me to build documents by applying printing and binding options in a virtual environment,” said Fiona Yung, assistant director, The College Board. “It also allows me to see the pricing for different print options and have the costs tabulated at each step along the way, so I can easily make decisions based on budget restrictions.”

As a management tool, WebbMason’s new on-demand document printing technologyhelps companies leverage their established procurement rules and track even on-the-fly print jobs quickly and easily. Companies can enable or disable user access, set up individual spending accounts with dollar limits, and require pre-approvals on orders.

As a productivity tool, WebbMason docBuilder’s intuitive interface makes it easy for users to upload print or graphics files, select print finishing options, view virtual proofs, and instantly order and distribute printed materials. Users can save finished projects in online catalogs and sub-catalogs to make retrieval easy. And because everything is done online, time spent transporting, waiting for, or personally reproducing documents is eliminated. Users can even collaboratively review documents like informational handouts, training manuals, sales presentations, status reports or other business documents before they’re sent to print.

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