Wave2 Media Solutions Becomes GossRSVP OEM

WESTBOROUGH, MA—December 22nd, 2009—Wave2 Media Solutions has signed an OEM agreement to add GossRSVP interactive mobile features to its i-Publish AdPortal platform. The agreement makes it easy for advertisers to add interactive codes to ads created through the AdPortal, allowing consumers to interact with the ads via mobile phones.

Wave2 will offer GossRSVP mobile messaging as a white label addition to i-Publish AdPortal. An advertiser will be able to visit an AdPortal site and purchase an ad package for a print or on-line ad that will be embedded with a unique message ID.

“Wave2 Media’s i-Publish AdPortal is being used by some of the largest newspaper chains and other media outlets,” explains Brian Gorman, vice president of sales for the company. “We are excited about integrating the GossRSVP media-to-mobile features within our platform, giving advertisers the added-value option of including interactive components within their ads.”

The Wave2 Media i-Publish AdPortal is a complete self-service website that allows advertisers and individuals to create ads and place them in print or on-line media. With the addition of mobile messaging, Wave2 will make available the only self-service solution that offers print, on-line and mobile messaging in a fully integrated self-service AdPortal.

Introduced in 2008, the GossRSVP program allows mobile phone users to interact with print and other media through text messaging and 2-D bar code technologies. The program is used by individual businesses and advertisers as well as larger advertising and publishing operations that can brand and resell the capabilities to advertisers.

“We chose the GossRSVP platform because of the Goss International backing and the expansive range of applications they offer,” notes Gorman.

Additional information about Wave2 Media and the GossRSVP program are available at www.wave2media.com and www.gossrsvp.com.

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