Wallace Computer Services–The King of TPM

With every sale there is a “paper trail.” The demand for printed materials such as receipts, invoices and promotional material increases with every transaction. That is why financial institutions, Fortune 500 companies and retail giants are turning to Wallace Computer Services—the provider of Total Print Management (TPM)—to help them implement and execute their sales and retail operations by ensuring that invoices, tracking labels and promotional literature support each purchase efficiently.

Wallace, a 92-year-old company with sales of nearly $1.6 billion, is one of North America’s largest fully integrated printing companies. To execute TPM, Wallace strategically audits every variable that relates to the printing and distribution of materials, including inventory management, job tracking and distribution logistics. The company then recommends and executes strategic solutions.

“The actual printing typically consists of only 15 percent of the total printing costs,” states Mike Keim, vice president of engineering research and new market development at Wallace. “The bulk of printing costs are often overlooked. For example, stagnant inventory and ordering jobs too early or too late drive up costs. By strategically managing every phase of a company’s printing requirements, Wallace effectively reduces total printing costs.”

Online Tracking
A key component of TPM is the Wallace Integration Network (@WIN), a digital asset management and customer service system. @WIN enables customers to track every phase of printing from any location via the Internet, and permits them to electronically manage printing files and assets.

Sears, Roebuck & Co. was Wallace’s first customer. Wallace began printing for Sears in 1908 and continues to perform some of the same work it did back in the early 1900s, such as printing packing slips and order forms. Today, Wallace prints a full range of products for Sears, including forms, pamphlets, brochures, signage and cash register tapes. In fact, for the last four years Sears has honored Wallace by selecting the company as a “Partner in Progress.”

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