Visual Systems Inc. — Deeper than Transparent

BaseOne was shown at the BookTech Conference & Expo earlier in the year, where Hengsbach led an educational seminar titled, “Book Covers: Design, Production and Manufacturing Tales.” A representative from Velasquez Press, in El Monte, CA, spoke about the company’s experience using BaseOne to print its Spanish/English dictionary that hit bookstores this spring.

Another joint venture resulted in the introduction of Lextra to the educational publishing marketplace. VSI formed an exclusive partnership with Fort Collins, CO-based specialty printer FiberLok this year to unveil Lextra. It is a combination of heat transfers with multi-colored direct transfer technologies. The product, which was initially used for decorating hats and caps for promotional items, is now patented and used to develop products for the fashion, uniform and automotive industries.

VSI and FiberLok partner with publishers to create decorative book covers and jackets. Lextra offers a variety of features such as rich texture, intense color and durability.

“Adding the Lextra product to our book cover capabilities has generated a buzz in the industry,” explains Brad Haywood, manager of business development. “Publishers are always looking for a fresh finishing technique that will help their products stand out in the marketplace. Lextra offers design and decorating capabilities that have not been seen in the educational publishing world.”

What the Future Holds

Book components are VSI’s future, Hengsbach says, and BaseOne is the future of book components. Lextra is also an important addition to VSI’s book component capabilities.

“BaseOne reduces the cost of the cover while improving its appearance, increasing durability and reducing weight,” Hengsbach points out. “Special effects and innovative products like Lextra are also an integral part of BaseOne and book components—they feed each other.”

With moves such as these, VSI is poised for a bright future. The company experienced a 60 percent growth spurt last year while maintaining profit leader status. It boasts annual sales of $14 million, houses a staff of 76 employees and fills 64,000 square feet of manufacturing space.

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