Victoria’s Secret Gift Card Packaging: Solution of the Week Video

This week, Structural Graphics focuses on premium packaging. It has developed beautiful packaging for top brands all over the world, like this gift card packaging concept from Victoria’s Secret.

Victoria’s Secret chose Structrural Graphics’ exclusive Extendo as its new gift card holder. When the recipient pulls on the right hand-side, another panel, carrying the gift card, automatically extends out to the left, presenting the recipient with their gift. The “To” and “From” sentiment is added to the right-hand panel.

Click on the video below to view the Victoria’s Secret gift card holder:

About Structural Graphics

Structural Graphics introduced the world to dimensional print marketing in 1976 and has been leading the charge ever since. And as the world changes, our capabilities and service offerings continue to evolve.

For over three decades, we’ve helped market many of the most influential brands. And we’ve done this by delivering attention-getting solutions that stop people in their tracks.

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