Vertis Communications — 21st Century Marketing

The new executive team of Vertis Communications, shown from the left, includes Jim Buike, Michael DuBose and Barry Kohn.

Vertis opened a new premedia center in the suburbs of St. Louis that includes a photo studio.

Shown is a bird’s-eye view of Vertis Communications’ direct mail facility in York, PA.

• A new premedia facility is opened in St. Louis, while a direct marketing plant in Chalfont, PA, embarks on an expansion project.

• The company unveils MailTrail, its direct mail tracking program.

• At press time, Vertis Communications was putting the finishing touches on its merger with American Color Graphics (ACG) of Brentwood, TN. ACG posted revenues of $445 million in its latest fiscal year, and the union would create a company with just shy of $2 billion in sales.

Results-Driven Processes

It’s a tall order to fully absorb the depth of products and services offered by Vertis Communications. Understanding its objective—finding the most efficient, cost-effective and results-driven processes to deliver a client’s message—is far easier.

“If you look at Vertis overall, we have tremendous expertise and product offerings,” DuBose says. “Our strategy is to make us as efficient as possible by improving our processes, as well as reducing variability. It’s all about understanding customers’ expectations and striving to exceed them. This means helping them get their message across to their clients in the most effective manner possible.”

Vertis Communications’ offerings are broken into five disciplines: advertising inserts, direct marketing, print media placement, marketing services and out-of-home project management. The following is a brief sample of the services within each area.

Ad inserts: Vertis offers a variety of standard and specialty formats that serve the retail, consumer services, consumer and commercial products industries, with demographic and geographic versioning.

Direct marketing: In-line web and digital printing solutions are offered for the mailing community, along with laser lettershop capabilities. A strength of Vertis Communications is its integrated direct marketing program, which utilizes customer targeting, list management, format optimization, production, mail planning and fulfillment to derive cost efficiencies and to maximize response.

Of course, what would marketing be without getting into the psychology of the end user? Vertis Communications offers its customers data analytics that map out ideal prospects by examining current client profiles.

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