The New Van Son/GFI Ink Dispensing Machine to be Shown at GRAPH EXPO

HAUPPAUGE, NY—September 17, 2012—Van Son Holland Ink, the leading global manufacturer of high performance printing inks, is showcasing its new Van Son/GFI ink dispensing machine at GRAPH EXPO 2012. In the company’s continued focus to support pressroom efficiency, printers using Van Son ink can now mix custom colors and mixes on-site without the need to outsource the process. The Van Son/GFI ink dispensing machine which has been customized to Van Son’s specifications will help print service providers decrease turnaround time and add to their bottom line with the ability to manufacture spot colors in the pressroom quickly. The machine also improves printing performance with enhanced color consistency, an attribute especially important today when it comes to maintaining branding integrity. Van Son will be offering an attractive rental program through its extensive network of distribution partners.

“Our continued focus as a company is to help printers be more efficient in their processes,” said John Sammis, president of Van Son Ink. “By offering ink dispensing capabilities, we can support increased operational efficiencies, greater waste reduction and the ability to save money by keeping ink mixing in-house. All three are important goals for boosting the bottom line of every print production environment today.”

The new machine will be showcased in Van Son’s booth, 2054 at GRAPH EXPO 2012 held at McCormick Place in Chicago, Oct. 7-10. Visitors to the booth will learn about attractive rental programs Van Son has available for obtaining this cost-effective dispensing machine.

About Van Son Holland Ink
Van Son blends progressive technology with excellent support to deliver unparalleled ink solutions for any substrate, printing production technology, or pressroom environment. Our process is proactive and consultative, leveraging our extensive global assets and human resources to secure the highest level of pressroom performance, quality, and consistency. Our value stems from our in-depth analysis of your needs, pressroom conditions, environmental concerns, and workflow to ensure excellence and economy on any press—every time.