USPS Launching Mailing Permit Branding Program for Marketers

WASHINGTON, DC—May 30, 2012—In response to customer requests, the U.S. Postal Service is announcing the launch of the “Picture Permit Imprint Indicia” program for commercial mailers.


This program provides new advertising opportunities for commercial mail customers by allowing them to use corporate logos, product visuals or other brand images in the permit indicia space on their mail.

“Dozens of our largest customers looking to increase brand awareness and increase the effectiveness of their mail have asked us to allow more creativity in the design of their permit indicia,” said Gary Reblin, vice president, Domestic Products. “Permit indicia enhanced with logos, photos or other brand images increase the visual impact of the mailpiece as well as its open rate and value.”

The program is open to commercial mailers of presorted First-Class Mail letters and cards or Standard Mail letters. The premium for First-Class Mail letters and cards will be $.01 per piece, and for Standard Mail letters, $.02 per piece.

For an overview of the “Picture Permit Imprint Indicia” program—including requirements, FAQs, and an application form—visit the new website.

“The application is a simple four-step process,” notes Reblin.

While the program launches officially on June 2, Reblin adds that, “Due to the expected popularity of the program, we are launching the website now and encouraging customers to get started. We want them to be ready to take advantage of this great marketing opportunity as soon as possible.”

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  • Chuck

    This could have been a great program for the USPS and, in my opinion, would have generated more mailings from small mailers. The USPS had made this so difficult to use that only high volume mailers that plan months in advance will be able to take advantage of the program. Go to the USPS website linked and take a look at their requirements and the amount of time to put a project into production.